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2016 Somerset Wedding Photography Review

2016 has been and gone and what a year it was. My travels as a wedding photographer didn't just take me to marvellous places in Somerset such as Hestercombe Gardens and Curry Rivel, I also trekked up to Edinburgh, Cheshire, Yorkshire and across to Dorset and Wiltshire. I love travelling and meeting new people so it was a perfect way for me to spend the last 365 days.

I got to work with incredibly beautiful couples who welcomed me so warmly into their wedding plans and I can't thank them and their families enough for their hospitality.

2017 is shaping up to be another year of wonderful weddings with couples who share the same vibe as me. That being that their wedding is the perfect time for them and their family and friends to come together and have a damn good party with a wedding somewhere in the middle.

I love people and their stories and I think that reflects in the images I chose for my year review. There are portraits that I find fascinating and their are moments from a wedding day that will instantly transport the people that were there back to that exact moment, no matter how many years in the future they see that picture.

From a personal point of view, 2016 was huge as we welcomed our first born into the world. Franklin Ian Rimes-Bowen was born on 27th August and has changed our lives forever. I was so lucky to be there through the whole process as Alice gave birth to him in our home. It was amazing and she was incredible. 

Sit back and enjoy my highlights of 2016.

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