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Somerset Wedding Photographer

Somerset Wedding Photographer also covering Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and the UK. Stress free, relaxed photography style for couples living in Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. 

Sarah & Jason, Wells Cathedral, Somerset

In a wide open space like Wells Cathedral there's a danger of the close emotions of a wedding sailing up into the highest rooftops and getting lost. Fortunately that wasn't the case with Sarah & Jason as the love they share for each other filled every corner of this huge, ancient building, helped by the love and support from their families and friends.

When you're getting married, you need that support network around you, to help you put everything in place. In the weeks leading up to the wedding day they're the ones you can call on to do those last minute tasks, and on the day itself they help polish your shoes, lace you into your dress and make sure you've not got lipstick on your teeth.

This wedding, and I believe every wedding, is as much about those people as it is the bride and groom.