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Aileen & Ollie, The Ashes, Staffordshire

When a young woman gets married the focus of attention is rightly on her, followed then usually by her Father who has the pleasure of walking her down the aisle. 'Giving her away,' as it's known.

What is he giving her away from though? I realised exactly what at Aileen & Ollie's wedding.

He's handing her over from the family who has brought her up since she came into the world, took care of her and fed her when she cried, held her hand on the first day of school, took her dreams in their hearts and hands to protect them and shed a tear when she moved out of the family home.

And now it's time for her to get married.

There was a moment in this wedding when I think AIleen's Mum realised that her little girl was all grown up. It's captured in one of these images, and it's overwhelming.