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A trip to Bath | Personal blog

I recently took a trip to Bath for the first time ever. While I thought some of the main streets were a bit commercial there were some hidden gems down the side streets. Two of my particular favourites were a self-service laundrette and The Foodie Bugle which is a delightful deli, food store and gift shop run by Silvana and her family. When you're in Bath, go and visit them at Margaret's Buildings near The Crescent.

A sweet ride

When I see beautiful things I get excited. Whether that's a beautiful bride, a groom in a sharp suit, a pretty house in the country or in this case, a sweet bike. I get inspired when I see things which people have put their heart and soul into and a project I'm working on at the moment is to turn an old bike I bought from eBay into a pimped up single speed. Here it is...


I've created a Pinterest board of inspiration and there are some absolute belters on there.

Here are a few which got me excited, I hope they do the same for you. And regardless of whether you're into bikes or not I hope you will appreciate the simple beauty of them.


If you've got any advice or suggestions then I would love to hear them or if you've seen any great looking bikes please be sure to share them.

All images found on Pinterest.

Huntsham Court, our wedding

It's just under a year until Alice and I get married and we're excited and a little nervous at the same time that we've not done enough as we should.

We're getting married at Huntsham Court in Devon and last week we re-visited as there was an event being held for Friends of Musgrove Hospital.

This got us all excited again and in a way we wish we were getting married sooner.

I took some more snaps of the church and the house while we were there and thought I would share them with you.