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Somerset Wedding Photographer

Somerset Wedding Photographer also covering Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and the UK. Stress free, relaxed photography style for couples living in Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. 

Why invest?

While there are a lot of things to pay for during the course of planning a wedding, you can be assured that your photography is the one thing that will bring everything together and preserve your memories for you.
Your flowers will wilt and die, your food will be eaten on the day, your dress and suit will be worn once and you will only have the use of your venue for one day. Now, compare this to your wedding photographs, which, if you’re lucky and you live a happy healthy life, you could still be looking at on your 80th birthday and beyond.

Let’s say you get married when you’re 28. If you live until you’re 80 you will have had your wedding photographs for 52 years. 

Your photographs will last for ever. With digital technology they won’t even fade like your grandparents photos have. Even if you print them out you can make brand new bright prints every year if you want to.

If you choose me to be your wedding photographer this is a sample of what you’ll receive.

Before the wedding:
As much of my time as you like for meetings
A prepared contract to protect you and me
Help with planning timings for your wedding day
Emails to communicate with you
A location visit
Professional level equipment including two camera bodies (in case one breaks)  and lenses that can shoot in low light, like in church
An insured photographer

On the wedding day:
Travel costs included (within an 80 mile radius of Taunton)
Coverage from whatever time you want in the morning until at least the first dance and often longer, usually around 10-12 hours
A photographer who will blend into your wedding and not upset you or your guests
A photographer who has taken the time to learn how to use their equipment to produce the images that you have seen on my website and which prompted you to get in touch
My skill and ability to know where to position you to get the best photographs
Formal photos which don’t take forever
A smiling, happy face even though I have been on my feet most of the day

After the wedding:
Your photos backed up to two external hard drives and cloud storage
Hundreds of images sorted through to pick out the ones which best tell the story of your day
400-500 images, each one of which is edited with love in my style which I have developed over time
A selection of those images uploaded to a private online gallery
Your images delivered on an engraved USB flash drive in a beautiful package with some extra special
gifts from me
If you’re having an album I will spend time putting a draft version together which you can then amend saving you time
Once you’re happy with the album I’ll then take the time to send all the files to the printers so that the end result is perfect.

You should look as good as you possibly can on your wedding day and the best way to do that is by investing in a quality photographer. You wouldn’t spend £10 on a hairdresser and expect to come out of the salon feeling and looking amazing. It’s the same principle with photography.

Wedding photography is there for the forgettable moments. 


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