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Somerset Wedding Photographer also covering Devon, Dorset, Cornwall and the UK. Stress free, relaxed photography style for couples living in Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall. 

Derek Bremner: Escaping into the lens

Derek Bremner found that he could use his camera as an escape tool, as an escape from issues that were holding him back in the past. Now he gets lost in what he sees through his viewfinder and he loves what he sees and we loves what he produces. In this episode of PhotoTypes we talk about cameras, Tony Bennett, festivals, mental health, iconic music eras and staying in hotels at festivals.

Steve Gerrard: Starting all over again in a different country

Steve Gerrard, not a footballer, had a massively successful wedding business in the UK. However, he and his wife decided to return to her place of birth, Montreal and start all over again. So how do you start all over again in a different country with a brand new audience who doesn't know you?

In this episode of PhotoTypes Steve tells us about his worries over the move, how he's planning on finding the clients that fit for him and his hopes for the future.

Steve was also a successful DJ before he took up photography so he tells us about that career and how it took him all over the world and why he eventually hung up his headphones.

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Andy Gaines: All wedding photographers need to listen to this

Andy Gaines was a musician for ten years but when he met a girl who became his wife he settled down and started a family. His life as a rockstar was winding down but not you could say he's a rockstar photographer. He'd hate to be called that but having gone from complete novice to award winner in three years he's clearly got something about him.
His views on weddings and wedding photography are very simple, but they are extremely effective and pertinent and if you're a wedding photographer now or you want to be one then you seriously need to listen to what Andy has to say
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Conor McDonnell: Shooting Kim & Kanye's wedding and much more

Last year Conor McDonnell got a call asking him to shoot Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding. One of the photos from that day became the most liked photo on Instagram with 2.4m likes.
It was a big moment in Conor's life but he's not let it go to his head and he's not got carried away by it because in the years before that he had knocked on doors and built a successful career as a music photographer working with James Morrisson, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora and Calvin Harris amongst others.
In this weeks episode of PhotoTypes he tells us what he is allowed to about the wedding and how it came about and he also tells us about his work travelling the world photographing some of the biggest names in music.