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Huntsham Court has lots of lovely rooms and we hope you will be able to stay with us in the house on Friday and Saturday night.

Each room has linen, and towels provided but there are no housekeepers to make your bed for you in the morning so you'll need to do that yourself. Most of the rooms have en-suites facilities but for those that don't there are lovely bathrooms just a short walk/run down the hallway.

If you would like to book a room at Huntsham then you can do so from 10am on Saturday 11th April by calling or texting Matt on 07974 914106 or Alice on 07889 397300. We think releasing all the rooms like this is the fairest way to give everyone a chance to get one.

Just tell us that you want a room, how many guests it's for and how many nights and we will allocate one to you if there is one available.

Rooms cost £150 per room for the two nights and includes the continental style breakfast.

You can see the standard of the rooms at the Huntsham Court website.

If all of the rooms get booked then you can find a list of alternative accommodation here

If you need a taxi to or from the house then you'll need to pre-book that as there is no phone signal at the house and we're in a remote location.