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How it all works

We will add a full running order closer to the date but here are some basic bits for you to have a look through.

Huntsham is a completely self-catering venue. 

The only part of the weekend where there will be staff and catering is for the canapés, the wedding breakfast, the evening buffet on Saturday and the bar on Saturday. The rest of the time we would really appreciate your help with keeping the house tidy. If you could ensure that all used crockery, cutlery and glasses find their way to the appropriate dishwashers (and perhaps turn them on if they are full) it would be hugely appreciated. It may also be a good idea to keep personal belongings in your room as much as possible, as they may get ‘tidied’ by efficient and helpful people otherwise.

We have a lovely mix of family and friends staying, so be as sociable as you fancy, but feel free to have an early night or lazy morning if you prefer. We won’t disturb you, unless it gets to within an hour or two of the wedding (or check-out) and then you may be rustled up by a friendly usher or two.

What’s where?

The only formal day will be our wedding day (Saturday) from about midday onwards, other than that everything is very much informal and works on a ‘help yourself’ basis.

We will be using the Butler’s Pantry for breakfasts which will be continental style, help yourself. You will find all breakfast, snack, soft drink, tea and coffee bits and pieces in the Butler's Pantry. The crockery cupboard and cutlery canteen are also on hand, just around the corner (towards the Kitchen). You will also find all outside game equipment (balls, bats and croquet sets) in the Butler’s Pantry, so feel free to make full use of them all!

Glasses can be found in the Bar. If you can drop used glasses off for washing in the Glass Pantry once you’ve finished, and put them in the glass washer we would be grateful – ‘many hands make light work’ as they say!!

Things to do

On Saturday morning there will be quite a lot going on in preparation for the celebrations later that day. If you're around you might be asked to help, but if you fancy a lie in then please feel free to make the most of your beautiful room. We will be asking all guests to start walking over to the church at 11.45am so don't sleep in too late. You're more then welcome to explore the house and gardens or just lounge around. There will be a couple of rooms downstairs which should not be peeked in until the afternoon but apart from that, go anywhere you like.

And finally……

Enjoy yourselves! Here’s to sharing our wedding, an exciting couple of days and a glass or two together.


What’s happening, when?

Friday evening

Arrival from 6:00pm

Please settle in and explore the ground floor and we'll show you to your room. Bring your own booze for Friday night, glasses can be found in the bar.

Buffet supper from 7.30pm

Set up in the Kitchen – just help yourself when you are hungry. Eat anywhere you please. 


Breakfast from whatever time you fancy, everything is in the Butler's Pantry. Please pop all used crockery, cutlery and glasses in the dishwashers – thank you!

 When the caterers arrive the main kitchen will be out of bounds but you can still use the Butler's Pantry if you want a brew.

11:45am Head to the church. Please start to walk over to All Saints Church so that everyone is inside by 12 noon. Alice will be walking over too so we'd like all guests to be inside before she sets off so that no one gets a sneak peek. 

Wedding reception – 1:15pm – til late night/early morning

Canapés and drinks back at the house with games and frivolity followed by the Wedding Breakfast, drinking and dancing. 

The bar will be open from 1pm on Saturday. We are stocking the bar ourselves with basics such as real ale, lager, wine and soft drinks. There probably won't be any spirits or shots so if you want anything else then please do bring it yourself. It'll be a pay bar but at cost prices. 

Sunday Morning

Breakfast 8:00am – 9:30am

Help yourselves to continental breakfast in the Butler’s Pantry.


Check-out 11:00am at the latest

Sadly, we have to leave the house by this time. We have agreed with the owners that it will be spotless, so your help with dishes, glasses etc. is very much appreciated. Please remember to take everything with you.

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